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Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes: ‘REDESIGNED’ For Facebook Bloggers

The largest social networking site Facebook has recently launched redesigned version of its long forgotten app ‘Facebook Notes’. The update intends to enable users to easily customize and share long posts on Facebook.

“We are rolling out an update to make Notes on Facebook more beautiful and customizable,” said the officials. The update rolled out in September 2015 with some basic customizing features. You can now add a cover photograph to your notes along with title, headings and bullets to make it look more beautiful. It also lets you to tag your friends, include hash tags and add more photographs from Facebook archives or from hard drive.

Accessing notes is quite simple. You can find notes app under the app section of Facebook or you can directly visit www.facebook.com/notes. Facebook Notes can work as a basic blog editing tool for those who like to post articles on Facebook. There are many predefined notes formats available to choose from and you can create a new format according to your style. Once you have completed your note either you can save it in drafts or you can post it on your timeline to share it with others.

With this new update, Facebook intends to increase interesting content on the website. Thus, writers can now post an article on Facebook instead of a third party website. This eliminates the need of posting a redirecting link of the article on Facebook. This will also help Facebook to have a better control on the content and traffic.

Facebook Notes can attract some amateur bloggers but it cannot compete with the professional blogging websites such as wordpress.com or blogspot.com. This is because Facebook Notes do not allow basic formatting such as adding a video to your note, changing text alignment, indenting, changing color and modifying text format. Facebook can serve as a platform for beginners to show their skills but for professionals it cannot serve the purpose, as the audience is limited to Facebook only. Moreover, Facebook does not provide features of a dedicated blogging websites like advertising and add-ons.

Despite of various drawbacks Facebook Notes can be a very useful tool for a dedicated Facebook user as it can perform all the basic functions required on Facebook.

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