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Facebook Is On The Process To Read Your Mind More Evidently

Facebook the most popular social networking platform has always tried to deliver the most related News feeds to its users by taking into consideration what types of articles are being shared and liked by the users in Facebook. But now they have taken further step to read the user’s mind more evidently so that they are provided with the news feed what they want to see most.

Facebook have announced very recently that they are now using daily user’s survey responses to figure out how the news feed are being ranked and they have changed the way their algorithm actually works for this. To find out people’s thinking about the news feed experiences this social networking site is polling 1000 people everyday through the Feed quality panel. Apart from this, many other surveys are done on daily basis to successfully asses the performance in News feed ranking.

According to Cheng Zhang and Si Chen, software engineer, even though liking, commenting on a post and sharing some article on Facebook is considered to provide the best news feed at the top but these all information can’t tell about the whole thing such as what is the mostly preferred by the users. By surveying large number of users on daily basis Facebook can gain the deep insight of the users and can provide those news feed at the top which will interest them more.

Facebook is planning to engage its users more by partnering with the top publishers to deliver the most related News article. However, this tech company is not alone in the list rather Apple too introduced Apple News in the last September and Microsoft came out with News pro app very recently for the same reasons. Even you can expect something more on this from Google’s side as well by this month.

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