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Facebook to reach Q3 with $4.5B revenue, 1.55B users, and 8B daily videos viewed


Despite claims that Facebook is getting old for the newer generations, Q3 for Facebook will end in $4.5 billion revenues, as opposed to estimates of $4.37 billion from analysts. Moreover, the user base has increased to 1.55 billion; that’s closely equivalent to one-fifth of the world using Facebook!

The increase marks an 11.3% increase in revenues since last quarter, while the user base continues to grow by 4% quarterly. What’s more fascinating, is that the number of daily active users’ reaches a whopping 65.1%. Simply put, 65.1% of the user base of Facebook actually log on daily to use Facebook as their preferred social medium.

What perfectly integrates this large user base into Facebook is perhaps the fact that Facebook owns apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, which are considered the main players in today’s digital society. The number of videos viewed literally doubled to 8 Billion since April, and this further constitutes the interactivity between messenger, Instagram, and whatsapp, with Facebook.

With 900 million users of WhatsApp, 700 million of Messenger, and 400 million of Instagram, it is no wonder that users find it easy and effective to interact between these popular apps, and in turn being introduced to another Facebook-owned app. For the younger generation, Instagram and WhatsApp are mere gateways to being introduced to Facebook, and vice-versa!

Newer marketing strategies seem to involve increase the user base of Facebook in online shopping, which will in turn result in increased revenues as well as a larger user base. Out of the $4.5 Billion revenue Facebook made about $900 million in real profits, from $719 million last quarter.

Overall, Facebook seems to be doing extremely well considering the recent investments in artificial intelligence and world-internet supply.

Facebook is the first company to launch the Aquila aircraft that supplies internet over a 50 mile radius from the point of origin, as well as it is aiming to increase the supply of fast internet in rural areas and less-developed countries of the world. Not many 11-year-old digitally-based companies can claim the same, nor approach a 10-year milestone at that.

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