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Facebook takes measures to fight hate speech

Facebook has been actively working to counter the new waves of hate speech marching through Europe. The company launched a new project called Civil Courage Initiative that would actively work to create measures in order to avoid hate speech against any social group. The company aims to scour different posts from users and remove any targeting particular groups or individuals.

The social media giant has spent nearly 1 million euros to launch this campaign. The initiative was announced in Berlin as the ruling class in Germany have been increasingly concerned about the influx of Syrian refugees.

Facebook has outsourced the hate speech eradication effort to a Californian based company called Bertelsmann that will keep a close eye on any kind of racist remarks on the social media site.

The campaign would not limit itself only to eradicating extremism on Facebook as it will also work closely with the Governments, Academics and professionals to ensure that issues of extremism, racial discrimination and hate speeches are dealt on a wider spectrum over the internet and at an instant.

Several NGOs and humanitarian organizations have stated that the recent activities by ISIS and other terrorist groups have increased the level of fear in European countries regarding religion and it should be dealt with in order to encourage a peaceful environment in the world. Several groups have appreciated the move from Facebook and believe that it would assist in achieving the goal of helping the people from different backgrounds and cultures come together.

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