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Facebook Is Violating The French Privacy Laws, According To Agencies

Two agencies in Paris have accused the social networking platform Facebook for violating the French privacy laws. According to them this site is tracking and using the personal and sensitive information of around 30 million users and non-users for targeted advertising. A formal notice has been issued against Facebook by General Direction for the Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control that stated that this company is provided with two months’ time period to obey the French data protection laws. Also privacy watchdog CNIL has set a three month time period earlier before going ahead with an ultimate fine.

According to CNIL, this California based company keeps on collecting various information of its users that are related to the religious, political and sexual orientation without the knowledge of the users after which all these information are being used for targeted advertisements. Not just the account holders but the non-users too are not left free as whenever they visit any public Facebook page, their information is too stolen for the same purpose.

But this notice is not a sanction rather it’s just a notice and if Facebook is not able to comply the matter in the given time period, the matter will be transferred to a special committee. But if the company can fulfill the French Data protection act or law, the procedure will be closed completely.

As stated by agencies, they have asked Facebook earlier to collect the data of both the users and non-users in a fair way but Facebook failed to do that. But in case Facebook fails to bring any changes for the complaints within these two months, they might have to pay a huge fine of $17,000 along with a civil trial for the allegedly legal clauses.

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