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Find My iPhone App by mistake Sends People To A House In Atlanta For Last 1 Year

Find My iPhone is a useful tracking app that helps people in finding out their misplaced gadgets directing them in the right way. But unfortunately it proved to be a miserable experience to a couple residing in Atlanta. For the last one year they have been receiving several angry visitors who demand their lost devices. For a mystifying reason, this Find My iPhone app is directing people to the house of Christina Lee and Michael Saba.

This couple moved to a suburban home in February 2015 and surprisingly they received a knock at the door in their first month who claimed their stolen iPhone. Just after two months again a group of friends did the same thing and the situation continued. Lee and Saba received four angry visitors in one month and while some believed them but it created confusion among others and finally a chaos arose all around.

The situation was even worse when a group of police officers came to their house in June 2015 looking for a missing teenage girl. Police could not decide whether to issue a warrant to search their house or not. The couple was helpless and could not find any link between their house and the missing gadgets.

According to Ken Westin, a security analyst, this type of tracking app technology makes use of the satellite-supplied GPS data of the phone and then proceeds to have a look at the cell towers where it was last connected. Next the Wi-Fi fingerprints are checked followed by which it look for the IP address. Westin has added that the case of saba and Lee looks like it is a cell tower triangulation flaw. However, the couple has filed a complaint and waiting for the feedback. They have also a plan to approach the Federal Communications Commission and then Senate in the hope of drawing an end to this confusion.

But no doubt this app is a lifesaver in many situation and helped many to get their stolen and lost devices while a woman was able to locate the dead body of her husband using this Find My iPhone app.

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