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How to Find Text on Web Page in Safari for iOS 9

The number of mobile internet users has gone exponentially as compared to the past. This means that more and more users are now using internet on the mobile for their everyday needs. But the interesting part is that the overall usage of the internet is not only limited to media, like accessing audio and video files. Many users are using it as a medium to gather knowledge and information.

Safari is the official browser for the iPhone users (unless you jailbreak your phone) and since a lot of users are shifting to smartphones for their everyday needs, it means that Safari is being used by thousands or maybe millions on daily basis.

With the earlier versions of the iOS especially in iOS 5 and 6, searching within the webpage was a tad difficult. But thanks to the regular upgradations and enhancements by the Apple team, they have made Safari more user-friendly and have made the overall usage of the browser hassle free for the users.

To search text within webpage, for iOS 7 and iOS 8, you had to write the text to be searched directly on the address bar and the results would be displayed under the heading On This Page. With the release of iOS 9, although the overall features and usage experience on the Safari browser has been improved, but they have changed the feature of finding text within the Web Page and have the users confused about how to do this.

You can follow the mentioned steps to find text on Web Page in Safari:-

(Note that the following steps are similar for the iPad users as well. You also have to make sure that your iPhone and iPad is update to iOS 9, otherwise these features may not be present in the Safari browser of your iPhone)

  1. Open the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad
  2. Type the URL of the website you wish to open
  3. Once the website is loaded, tap on top of the screen, right on the address bar
  4. After tapping, you can see all the Sharing buttons
  5. Tap on the share button, displayed at the bottom of the screen. It will have an icon with the shape of an arrow
  6. Once the Sharing options screen is open, you can scroll through the options like Favourites, Add Bookmark, and Copy, etc. You have to find the option with the title Find on Page
  7. Click on the option and you will find a text bar
  8. Type the number or text you wish to find on your current webpage and then tap Search button
  9. The first match to your input will be highlighted and visible to you
  10. Now you can use arrows present besides the search box to reach other matches on the webpage similar to the text you have typed.
  11. Now you can search for another word if you wish to or then can click Done button to close the search bar and go to the webpage.

This method of finding the texting is easier as compared to the earlier versions of iOS. We can always rely on the next version of iOS to come with new features and enhancements and make this process easier for users as compared to the existing one, as this could be further improved because of no indicator present on the main screen. But one thing is for sure, you can always depend on the iOS to amaze you with the new update and make the overall user experience awesome for its users.


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