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How To Fix Corrupted Media Files On iPhone

No matter how careful you may be with your phone, sometimes your important data is lost or corrupted. This can be a really tedious task if the data is very important for you. Luckily there are few techniques and softwares to retrieve data. Though the damaged file sometimes can be partially recovered or even completely recovered but some files may not be retrievable at all. Multiple softwares are available which can work for a specific file type or can work for multiple file type at once. There are also many free softwares available but their effectiveness vary. If you want to recover some important data always try to use professional tools and software which are compatible with the device. Here are a few techniques and software that can be used for data recovery from iPhones.

How to fix corrupted picture files?

Well there are a few techniques to recover the image deleted. If you have edited the image and it becomes unusable, there is an option in iPhone where you can choose to revert to original. The reverted image will be saved as original which can be accessed easily. If the image is damaged because of some other reason there is a copy of image stored in a folder ain the date folder’s thumb. If all else fails then repairing the image will require a software. There are many softwares available in the market. If you want to recover the images fast and easily you can use JPEG recovery pro. Image repair rates are cheap and trial version allows you to recover few images without any watermark or partial cropping. Another software that can be used is Picture doctor. It may return very promising results but the cost of software is little high.

How to fix corrupted media files?

Videos and music these days take up most of our phone space but in case of a sudden power surge, some files may get corrupted and this causes an issue for the user however there is some software you can use. Phone clean allows recovering complete or partial file from the corrupted data such as video, music and other media files. The software is easy to use and by following simple instructions data can be recovered easily. The software also provides a trial. So you can buy the software only when you have satisfactory results. You can also transfer the corrupted file from phone to computer and use various other desktop edition softwares such as yadot file recovery to recover the data.

How to fix corrupted excel files?

If you want to repair some other files such as excel, the process becomes little difficult. Excel is used in most business everywhere from finance to information technology. Excel files are really important and corruption of such file can incur serious information and related damages. There are a few tricks to recover data. First copy the damaged file from phone to computer. Now the first simple process you can do is to run repair. Open excel and click on ‘file’ then ‘open’. Now in the opened dialog box in lower section just adjacent to open option there is a small downward arrow. This will give you an option, open and repair. This will repair and recover as much data as possible. Another technique is to save file into a different format such as SYLK and then reopen them in excel and try to save it as excel workbook. You can also try opening the file in excel viewer. If the file opens you can easily copy paste the data into different file and save it. Some files may not open in certain version, try to use later and more recent version. This also increases the ability of the program to recover the data.

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