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How To Fix A Dead Redmi Note

The Redmi Note is a great phone to own. It is a phone which got sold out in just a few seconds when it was made available to the customers through flash sales. The reason is that you get a phone with high end hardware and performance at a price of an average smartphone. Now there can be several conditions when a user might actually end up bricking his device. These can be some issue while flashing the ROM or switching off the device in the middle of a critical process. The symptoms of a dead or a bricked phone can be that there would be no LED charging notification when you plug in the charger, the device would not boot up, would not enter into recovery mode anyhow and also it won’t be detected by your computer when connected through a USB. So in this post we are going to help everyone who has somehow bricked their Redmi Note.


  1. You would have to proceed with this guide on how to fix a dead Redmi Note at your own risk and if anything goes wrong then we won’t be responsible for that.
  2. Read carefully and follow all the steps as instructed without missing any of them.

What you’ll need:

  1. A piece of copper wire
  2. A computer with Windows 7

Things to do before going forward:

Start the PC and while it boots press the F8 button and disable the driver signature verification.

Download the following two files –

  1. d.miui.com/tools/MiPhone20140509.exe
  2. d.miui.com/4.11.21/dior_images_4.11.21_4.4_cn_9233eceec4.tgz


Now just follow the following steps and you’ll be able to fix bricked Redmi Note.

  1. First of all just remove the battery and the SIM from the card slot. Now at the place of the SIM you would see two very small holes. You would have to scratch these holes to remove the protective cover over these holes.
  1. Once the layer made of plastic or paper is removed from above the two small holes you would have to insert the two ends of the wire that you have into these two holes. Also ensure that these two ends are connected all the time with the wire until your Redmi note gets unbricked again.
  1. In your computer just open the file Miflash. Once it runs just click on the browse button and then select Advanced.
  1. Next select “Flash All.BAT” which will ensure a totally new system on your device or select “Except DATA STORAGE.BAT” which will save the pre-existing user data on the phone. It is better that you select the first option.
  1. Leave the other option blank and then browse to select the files from image present in the fast boot rom folder for MSIMAGE.MBN, RAW0 programming.XML, MPRG.MBN, and Patch0.xml appropriately.
  1. After this, connect the Redmi Note to the PC and make sure that the wire remains at place.
  1. Now once the drivers are installed just Refresh on the MI Flash. If you see the device as “0”, “324ehvh2″ or just COM #, press the Flask button. These options mean that the work till now has been successful.
  1. The process of flashing will start now. Once the operation gets completed just remove the wire and place in the battery. Now if your phone turns on after the process then you have succeeded to fix bricked Redmi Note.

Now if for some reason you have not succeeded and some errors is being displayed then check on the Miflash to see if all the drivers have been installed correctly.

Another way how the process can go wrong is if the covering from the two holes has not been scratched properly and these are not well connected with the two holes. If these are removed then it might be that the wire was not well connected during the process.

Now you can try again by giving a restart to the PC if the process did not work in the first try.

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