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How To Fix iOS 9 Slow Performance And Lagging Issues

If you’ve updated from iOS 8 to 9 and facing some lagging issues in your iPhone, then you aren’t the only one in this league. Many users who have updated their iOS to 9 are facing similar issues like slow response time, delayed performance and overall performance decline.

The same has been happening with iPad and iPod touch users too. The overall lag can make you feel that your device isn’t fast enough and shockingly, some users want to downgrade their iOS from 9 to iOS 8.4.1. But still we shouldn’t judge the new iOS as it is also bundled with many interesting and new features which are a delight for its users.

One of the main problems behind this lag is the animation feature of the new iOS which can’t keep up and thus causing the overall lag in the phone. This has frustrated many users and has caused them to negatively publicize the new iOS. But we do need to know that once you update to iOS 9, you need to give it a few hours for indexing, and for other functions to complete.

Some users also mention that one should wait an entire day for the new iOS to customize if you have a lot of content in your device. But that isn’t necessary at all. If after 4 to 5 hours of updating the iOS, if you still feel lagging issues and slow performance, perform the following steps below.

Speeding up by disabling Transparency and Motion

You can disable the transparency and motion eye candy feature of the device to speed up the overall interactivity of the iOS on any device, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Perform the following steps below

  1. Open Settings in the iOS and then click on General
  2. Click on the Accessibility button under General
  3. Click on Increase Contrast option under Accessibility
  4. Choose Reduce Transparency and toggle that to ON
  5. Shift back to Accessibility and search for Reduce Motion
  6. Toggle Reduce Motion to ON

Now go back to the main menu and feel the overall difference to your phone. By performing the above steps, the iOS may look less fancy to you now without the translucent windows and other features but the positive thing is that overall speed is increased.

Performance boost by Disabling Background App Refresh

This feature allows background activity of the app and turning off this feature will increase the battery life. The only con of disabling it is that your app will refresh only when you open it and not in the background.

Perform the following steps below

  1. Open Settings in the iOS and then click on General
  2. Locate Background App Refresh and turn the feature to OFF

Disable Siri Suggestions for increased Speed

You may be enjoying this feature in the new iOS and it would be tough to switch off this feature. But the thing is that this particular feature takes a toll on the performance of the iOS and disabling this it is a sure shot way for increased performance and speed of the iOS.

Perform the following steps below

  1. Open Settings in the iOS and then click on General
  2. Locate Spotlight Suggestions
  3. Toggle the option Siri Suggestions to OFF

Now you won’t be getting any of the Siri suggestions in the iOS but the end result is increased performance and faster searches result. It is totally upon you to disable the feature as some users enjoy the suggestions.

After performing all the above mentioned steps, you may see the promptness in the new iOS as compared to before, but if you still aren’t satisfied, you just have to accept this trade off with the new iOS and only hope that the new update will eliminate all the cons.

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