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How To Fix The Redmi Note Weak Signal And Data Connection Issue

If you have been using the Redmi Note for a while then there is a possibility that you might also have faced this issue like the majority of the Redmi Note users. The issue is of Weak Network Signal and a poor Data Connection. The problem is pretty serious as the network signal gets so weak that it becomes tough to make a call also. The Redmi Note data connection issue is that the data connection type keeps on changing so frequently between various types such as Edge, HSDPA, HSPA, etc. that there comes a gap of sometime between these types when they change. At time the data connection gets lost for long durations as well when it is changing from one type to another. So if you are also facing this same issue then the following post would definitely help you out. In this post, we are going to guide with how to fix the Redmi note Weak Signal Issue and Redmi Note Data Connection Issue. Both of these problems have almost identical fixes which are given below.

To fix the Redmi Note Weak Signal Issue and the Data connection Issue just try the following fixes and your problem would be resolved.

Change to correct SIM type

The first way is to try and change your SIM type. If you have been using a Micro SIM then you would have to change it from Micro SIM to Mini SIM. The Mini SIM is the actual SIM type that should be used in the Redmi Note. And a wrong type might end up giving problems such as the Weak Signal Issue, Data connection Issue and many others.

Different Network Providers

Try to check if the issue is with the phone or your Network provider. So what you can do is to check your SIM by putting into some other phone and also try to insert some network provider’s SIMs in your phone. If the signal from your SIM is OK in the other phone then the problem lies with the handset. And if your handset can give good signal on some other Network provider then it is advised that you switch to that network. But if the same problem is shown with other network providers as well then definitely the problem is with the handset.

Update the phone

It might be possible that the Redmi Note Weak Signal issue and the Data connection issue are being caused because the phone doesn’t have the latest available software for it. So update the phone to the latest software and there is a good possibility that the problem might be solved. Also it might be that the earlier versions of the software had some bugs and now the company has resolved it and the updates would carry a fix for this issue. So updating the phone would be a good idea.
Change Preferred Network to 2G

You can also go to the Mobile Network Settings in the Settings part of the phone and change the preferred network and the Access Point names to 2G. Doing this might prove helpful if the area that you live doesn’t have quite good 3G or 4G connectivity.

Change Network Type Preference

One more way to fix the Redmi Note Weak Signal Issue and the Data connection issue can be by changing the network type. You can go to the dial pad of the phone and dial *#*#13411#*#*. After this select the preferred Network Type to GSM only and GSM/WCDMA (auto). This might also be able to help you.

Change CPU usage to high performance

You can also go into the Battery Configuration and set the CPU usage to a high performance usage. This you can do by creating a custom config from the Security App and then going to battery configuration. This can turn out to be a fix for the problems being faced.

If all of the above methods fail to finally fix the Redmi Note Weak Signal issue or Data connection issue then the final resort would be to give the phone a factory reset and take it to the state when you had purchased. But if even after that the phone continues to have problems then take it to the Xiaomi service centre and they would be able to deal with it in a better manner.

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