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How To Fix Redmi Note Wi-Fi Issue

The Redmi Note is one of the most popular smartphones from the Chinese smartphones manufacturer which has recently risen to great heights in the smartphone business. The phone is really great in looks and has quite a powerful set of hardware specifications. It is a phone and tablet combination and thus has a pretty big screen. The phone is liked by people all around the world and this has been visible in the response that it has got from people all around the world.

Now as people have started using the phone they are facing some minor issues that are really annoying for the users and are spoiling the whole experience of using such a great smartphone. One of these many issues is the Redmi Note Wi-Fi issue. This problem is really irritating as it stops the phone to connect to the available WIFI networks. To solve this Redmi Note Wi-Fi issue we have created this guide. So let’s see what a person can do to get rid of this WIFI problem in Redmi Note.

Restart the device

The first method and also the easiest one as well that you can try to fix the Redmi Note Wi-Fi issue is to restart it. Many of the problems in smartphones sometimes get solved just by doing a small restart. So restart the phone and waif for a few seconds to turn it on again.

Toggle WIFI on and off

If the restarting of the phone has not solved the issue then try turning off the Wi-Fi and then after a few seconds turning it on again to see if that can solve the problem. Sometimes this simple fix can work.

Forget Wi-Fi network

Now if the above two methods have failed then you need to try this method. This is the most successful method of all and has worked for most of the people that were facing the same problem. This is because sometimes the Wi-Fi profile in the phones gets corrupted and starts showing some problems. Deleting the existing profiles associated with a network and then creating a new one can really work sometimes. So just go into Wi-Fi settings and then select the option of forget network after going into the network profile that is causing problem. After doing this step give the phone a restart and then once the phone starts just try connecting with the wifi network again. You would have to enter the password again.

There is a good chance that this will work for you and would solve the Redmi Note Wi-Fi issue but if it hasn’t then try the next method in the guide.

Clear cache

Sometimes the cache memory of the phone also starts causing problems for the device functioning. So it is always a good idea to keep clearing it every once in a while. For this, just turn on your phone in the recovery mode. This you can do by turning off the phone and then pressing and holding the power and volume up button. After getting into the recovery mode options just select the one which says Wipe Cache. Now just wait for the process to complete and then restart the phone normally.

Restart Wifi Router

While you are trying out a lot of fixes on your phone to get rid of the Redmi Note Wi-Fi issue, it might be possible that the real problem lies somewhere else and not in your phone. The other device which can be causing issues is the wifi router. So just give the Wi-Fi router a restart as well. After this try connecting to the network again and see if that has solved the problem.

If after trying all these fixes the problem still persists and you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi then the best option is to take the phone to the service centre as they would be able to handle it better.

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