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How To Force Sync Safari History Across All Your Apple Devices

If you are holding several iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, syncing safari tabs across all the iOS devices can be proved as a very useful job in many cases. Syncing safari tab allow you to view the website you opened in one iOS device from another iOS device. For example, you are reading an interesting article in your iPhone in safari website and need to leave in midway as your father need that iPhone for accomplishing an important job. Now if you have another iOS device, then start reading that article in another device finding out the website quickly by selecting the safari tab.

When you open a website in Safari browser in any of your iOS device, the website open in tab and this tab is obtained in any iOS device running safari through iCloud. Bur before that, you are required to enable Safari data sharing in the iCloud settings.

So, first you need to know the process of safari data sharing in iOS devices and then move on to access the safari tabs across all your apple devices.

Process to enable the Safari data sharing

  • First open the settings app in all your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.
  • Next go to iCloud.
  • If iCloud is active, the Apple ID will be shown in the account field but in case this is inactive, you need to sign in using the Apple ID and password.
  • Now toggle the Safari switch to make it ‘ON’ and to activate the safari data sharing feature. Do it in all your iOS devices.

When this safari tab sharing is enabled in the Apple devices, you can easily access the safari history in all the devices. The process is explained here in detail.

How to access safari tabs in your iPhone:

  • Once you are done with the safari data sharing feature enabling process, open safari browser in iPhone.
  • Tap on the Bookmarks icon at the bottom.
  • Here you will see the iCloud tab. Select that and it will display all the opened safari tabs on other iOS devices. Now just tab on the site that you want.

How to access safari tabs in your iPad:

This process is very similar to that of the iPhone process that require first launching Safari browser. But next you have to select the iCloud icon instead of bookmark icon which will show all the opened Safari tabs in other iOS devices.

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