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How To Free Up Space On iCloud

Apple offers 5GB of storage space in iCloud but now even this much amount of storage space is being exhausted easily and then users have to shell out some extra bucks to upload important information to the iCloud. Device backups, photos, iCloud email, documents all other app data fill up the iCloud faster than we think it would.

Note that Apple offers 5GB of storage space in iCloud per Apple ID and not per device, so if you are not intending to spend money in buying extra space, here’s a list of things you can do to free up the space in iCloud.

View the Storage Usage

Go to the Settings in your iOS and tap on the iCloud option. Under iCloud tap on Storage & Backup to view how much storage space is available in your iCloud.

Manage Backup

iPhone or iPad automatically backs up your app data to iCloud whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi. This ensures that whenever your device dies or if you need to reset your phone, you have a backup of app data.

Under the Storage & Backup menu, tap on Manage Storage option. The screen will show how much of the space is used by that particular device. Now iCloud always stores the latest backup of your device. Click on the device and you will be able to see how many apps are backing their data to iCloud.

Now if you want to free up some storage space, you can deselect some of apps which you think are not important and taking their backup isn’t necessary. This will definitely reduce the size of the backup.

Managing Photos

Photos always eat up huge chunk of iCloud backup. Now there are a lot of photos which are not important and still get backed up. All the photos present in your device easily exhausts the iCloud storage.

Go to the iCloud settings and tap on Photos. Now disable the Photo Stream under the Photos option and now your photos will not be uploaded to iCloud. Do not worry, we are not saying to not back up your photos. You can install other apps like Dropbox, Google+ or Flikr. These apps will automatically back up your photos. You photos will be backed up to another storage space like Dropbox, Google Drive or Flikr Storage.

So with this method you will have a storage space only for your photos and the iCloud storage space will be freed up to upload other important data. Note that you also need to disable the Camera Roll back up as your photos are already being backed up elsewhere.

Deleing Document & Data

Under the Manage Storage, you can also manage the space taken up by Documents and other data. This is the storage space that is taken up by your documents, games, setting and other bits of data. You can delete them to free up some space on your iCloud.

Under Documents & Data section, tap on the app to see what documents are being stored. Now you can tap on the Edit button on the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the delete button present on the left and again on the delete button on the right to clear up the data taken up by the app.

But you should be careful as you may delete some important app data by performing these actions.

Manage iCloud Mail

If Apple’s iCloud Mail is your primary source of communication, then you may want to manage your mails to make some more free space on the iCloud.

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