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Galaxy Note 5 gets new USB-c port

Galaxy Note 5 gets new USB-c port


The new Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung that comes soon, will be disponed with USB-c port. The south Korean Naver claims this based on an anonymous source.

Last year USB-c was introduced as a new and standard version to replace the older USB-ports. Thenew plug is smaller an it doesn’t matter how you plug it in as there is no up or downside. It can beused in laptops, tablets and smartphones, is as said smaller and can transfer data more efficient andfaster. The new MacBook Pro from Apple is equipped with this new USB-c port already and all theproducers of smartphones, tablets and laptops are researching the possibility’s to implement it in their new to be released hardware.

An anonymous source claims that Samsung is ready to equip the new Galaxy Note 5 with USB-c,when launched later this year. We expect the Galaxy Note 5 will be presented at the IFA technology fair. We think it will take a while before USB-c has entirely replaced the  current USB connections in tablet’s,  smartphones and laptops.

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