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How to get a local file system on an iPhone or iPad

The new operating system iOS 8 enables your iPhone or iPad to have a similar file system like the one in Android phone. Now you can store your files for offline using as well.
A document provider or a storage provider extension point is in the new IOS 8. Any application from a third-party can get into this extension. This will allow you to access your files from iCloud Drive and you can also save files to iCloud Drive. Any cloud storage from third-party like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive can also plug into this extension. This allows you to choose any app you want.

The thing to be noted is that the storage provider shouldn’t be a cloud storage device. You can use any app that can store your file locally. So the thing you need to get a file system like Android phone is just an app that can be used as storage.

How to Use Your New local File System

First, you need to install the third-party app you want. You can use “Documents” or “transmit” app for this purpose. The app will provide you the view of some file stored in your device. These are stored as a part of the app’s data files. These third-party apps allow you to view and work with popular files like images, documents, videos, and zip files. With these apps, you can move them or delete the files easily.

With the help of these apps, you can also open files from your system on another app. For example, in Documents, you can view a file, then tap the Share button, and tap Open to open the file in. You will be able open the file directly in another app you want on your device. Remember that the file format needs to be supported by the app.

The app “Documents” offers a number of ways to get files into the app. It also comes with a built-in web browser you can use.

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