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Get to Know the iPad’s New ‘Split-view’ Feature in iOS 9

The iPad is designed not just to be used plainly, but to be more extensive in terms of doing work and tasks on the screen and panel. With great features already revealed and covered, another feature is yet to get praises because of its functionality and efficiency. With the iOS 9 system and programs, this feature will benefit a lot of IPAD Air2 users, even those whose devices operate on iOS 9. This new feature will be used, as well, by many other devices through the compatible applications.

Recently, the slide-over feature of the iPad was covered in many technology-oriented blogs. This time, it is the split-view feature that will be covered up. In comparison to the slide-over, on which the app can be hidden after interaction by simply sliding it over, the split-view is another app that you can use to split the screen and view two apps at the same time alongside each other.

This app is use by simply sliding the screen from the right edge to the center. When you reach the desired size of the screen, you will simply tap the handle and view two apps at the same time. The handle located on the center, in between the screens of the two visible apps, is intended to allow you to adjust the screen depending on your preference. If you are doing some research while composing an article, this app will serve you more convenience than you expected.

The iOS 9 is capable of remembering the closed app and where it was opened for future use. Now that this feature has been covered by different news and blog sites, you can expect that many developers of applications will be able to maximize this feature in any iOS 9 compatible devices for the satisfaction and enjoyment of its users.

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