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Giphy unveils new app that lets people easily make GIFs

Giphy, the search engine for GIFs, has released a new app that allows people to make their own GIFs to share on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

The new app, called Giphy Cam, lets iPhone users to make a short gif that can shared via text message, or on social media platforms. It can also be saved to the phone memory.

Currently, GIPHY CAM is available only on iOS for free. It also offers several backgrounds that can be selected by users for fun. The app has over 35 special overlays and effects. It limits the maximum length of a gif to five seconds.

After creating a gif, users can send it via text message to friends and family, or can upload to social media platforms. The app also allows users to save their gifs to their phone.

“Giphy has always wanted to solve the problem of finding gifs online and making it easy to share them anywhere, which is clear from our work with messenger apps and communications platforms,” said Julie Logan, Queen Glitter Bomb at Giphy. “The next natural step was focusing on creation. Now that people can find great gifs, we want them to be able to create their own moments and share those, too.”

Source: Tech Crunch

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