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Google adds content iOS apps in mobile search results

Google adds content iOS apps in mobile search results

Google plans on supporting iOS apps in their app indexing services. iPhone or iPad sers can see and

open content using the Google app or Chrome. Developers will have to make some changes to their

apps to make this work.

In the becoming next weeks the first iOS apps will appear in the search results. It’s just a test wilt a

small selection of apps. The results will appear when searching in Chrome and the mobile search app

of Google on the Apple platform. Google’s example is when you search to reserve a table in a

restaurant, the first result is the iOS app OpenTable with a direct link to reserve a table within the


Developers have to do some modifications regarding their app’s. The deeplinking option has to be

on, and they have to support iOS deeplinks to their website. Google supports app indexing for

android apps for years already, since last year all of the Android apps are indexed. Besides that,

Google gives Android suggestions based on search behaviour, like app’s that are never used or

installed, but which contains relevant content for the user.

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