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Google Adds Offline Navigation to Google Maps for iOS

Monday’s Google Maps update brings some very important features to iOS users. The biggest among these is offline maps support. This feature is already available for Android users and is now being rolled out gradually to iOS users as well.

iOS users can now save a section of the map on their iOS device. Once you have saved the map you will be able to search destinations in it even when you are without a data connection. This feature also allows you to get turn-by-turn navigation, contact details as well as business hours without having an internet connection.

In addition to this, the update also added support for popular times which allows you to avoid lines. iOS users will now be able to see gas prices in US and Canada as well. You may not see these updates on your iOS device immediately because it will take a few weeks for the functionality to be available on all iOS devices.

While this update brings a lot to Google maps for iOS users, there are some features which are still awaited. For example, the ability to receive mass transit directions is still not available. Users have to have an internet connection in order to receive subway and train routes. Walking and biking directions face the same problem.

We are hoping that these features will soon be rolled out from Google’s innovative labs. In the meantime, we can enjoy the features that are available.

iOS users also have to keep enough storage for the offline maps. Downloading a map for an area which has a lot of information in it may take up a substantial amount of space. Like an offline map for an area in New York City could be as large as 300MB.

The good thing is that Google has anticipated your storage concerns, and the maps expire after a month. So you do not have to worry about storage if you have the tendency of forgetting to delete the maps you downloaded.

Google has constantly kept up with the rising needs of its users and has successfully met most of the demands. While the functionality has been available on Android for almost a month now, the update finally reaches iOS devices as well. Google Maps is widely used by many users and the offline navigation feature makes it even better.

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