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Google Chrome Beta 47

Google has released the latest version of Chrome, Beta 47. The new Chrome Beta channel which is released will support multitasking, splash screens for sites that have been added to the home screen, management of desktop notifications, and more. The changes are applied to Chrome which is available for Chrome on Android devices, Chrome OS, Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Splash screens for Android

Normally mobile devices are less powerful than desktops which cause apps to take some time to open. With the addition of splash screen, the users will be able to see something that will be of some meaning to the users. With this Splash screen, the perceived performance will also increase. This new version of Chrome, when used on Android, will also bring Splash screens to the web apps when they are launched using Android home screen. The screen will be shown immediately even though the Chrome gets loading. Users can customize the screen and can set their name, icon, background color, and also the bar color for notification. The screen will disappear once the web app starts showing on the screen. This provides a more improved experience of loading.

Cooperative Multitasking

For many years, problems related to lag and shuttering has been faced by Android. These problems were solved by the introduction of another version of Android 4.1 jelly bean. Further improvement was made with the upgrading of the versions. The method in which Android used to handle the task processing was the main cause for this problem. Android Tried to do too much at a time case the overwhelming of the CPU and GPU, which caused the apps to slow down.

With the launch of Chrome 47, the web developers can now make the work run on the time when the user is not using the app of the device. This will improve the performance of the device. This feature can be found in mobile as well as for the desktop versions of Chrome.

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