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Google Expands Safe Browsing Feature To Target The Fake Download Buttons

This must have happened with you at least once that you are browsing safe website in search of a very useful file and got the download link but as you click on the link, it either redirects you to something different website or else a file is downloaded in the desktop which is of no use and full with malware. The situation is really annoying this is why Google have said that they are ready to jump into a war against these fake download or play button that mainly aims to deceive the users.

Google has launched an extension of its safe browsing in eight years back and it has tweaked the feature in last November to help out users in staying protected from the attack of various social engineering. This move will warn the users continuously when they are being faced with deceptive practices in Google and Chrome.

The embedded content like useful ads is considered as the social engineering that looks very trusted entity but actually those are harmful and sometimes force the users doing something tricky such as sharing the password or some other sensitive information. But Google is now acting actively on this issue and they will keep on throwing a red page to warn the users from entering into the affected websites.

Google has announced that they will expand the eight year old safe browsing feature to target the fake download buttons. The company has also stated that their fight against this deceptive websites is just beginning and it will continue to improve the safe browsing feature to a great extent so that people can stay safe online along with enjoying a great web experience. This campaign is not only for the file sharing sites rather all other deceptive sites will be targeted by Google.

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