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Google Express Its Disappointment For The Proposed Restrictions On Driveless Cars

Google has come up with its own archetype two person vehicle using the sensor-loaded Lexus SUVs after conducting a long testing of few years. This car will not include any pedals or steering wheel and people can reach to their destination easily just by a simple click on a button. This new prototype of Google is currently performing test miles with temporary pedal and steering wheels in areas of California, Mountain View, Austin and Texas. But California Department of Motor Vehicles have proposed a rule recently according to which all the driverless cars are restricted on public road and the cars will be banned unless it has a licensed driver.

This proposed rule from California regulatory also explains that the driverless cars should have a steering wheel, a pedal and a driver with their autonomous vehicle operator certificate so that the driver can have control over the cars in case something wrong happens.

But Google is not really happy with this proposal as their testing is logging in California as well. However, they will continue testing their newly designed two person vehicle in other states. A spokesperson from Google, Johnny Luu has said in an email that safety is their highest priority and they try achieving it by utilizing technology at the best. They aim to reduce the percentage of accident caused mainly by human errors. This is the reason the new designed cars from Google do not include any steering wheels and pedals. Also, another reason behind coming up with this idea is to help people reach their destination even if they are not able to drive a car.

The world is changing fast and the autonomous industry want to cope up with this change by bringing various technological changes wherever possible and autonomous car is one of that great examples. Not only Google rather other reputed car manufacturing companies like Ford, Audi and Marcedec-benz also are on the way to add safety features by leveraging technology. Some of the interesting features are like ability to detect the cars in nearby lanes; changing lanes automatically after the driver tap a stalk and more.

However, this driverless car technology and the regulatory issue definitely will be the highest priority in the upcoming consumer electronics show in January, Las Vegas and let’s see if anything good happen to make Google happy.

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