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Google paid Apple to remain the default search bar

Google Incorporated is reported to have paid an enormous sum of $1 billion to its tech rival Apple in 2014, to remain the default search bar in iOS phones.

The copyright lawsuit of 2014 between Oracle Corp. and Google states, according to the transcripts in the court, that Apple has some kind of revenue-sharing agreement with Google in which Google supposedly pays a percentage of revenue to Apple for allowing its search bar to remain the default one in all iOS devices.

There have been rumours as to how much is exactly being paid, however, no factual number has been disclosed so far. Historically, Google’s relationship with Apple is not a great one considering numerous lawsuits between the two giants, and even worse is Google’s relationship with Oracle.

Consider the 2010 claims by Oracle that Google used Java software as the main development tool for Android, without offering fees to Oracle. It is believed that Oracle deems fit to ask well over $1 billion dollars in return considering the continued use of newer and newer Andorid versions as newer smartphones hit the market.

According to an interviewed member of the Google team during the pre-trial hearings, the percentage was mentioned to be ’34 percent’, a number quickly objected against by a Google attorney. It is still unknown whether the hypothesized 34 percent is revenues paid to Apple or kept by Google; hopefully not the latter as that would indicate a 66 percent revenue given to Apple only due to Google remaining the default search bar.

Both Google and Apple have stated that the information the public is so mindlessly asking for is very sensitive and should remain a confidential part between Google and Apple. It seems that both tech giants are afraid of the reprecussions of such a court preceding becoming available for the public as this could affect both revenues and the general public image of the leading tech giants.

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