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Google Play Store Offers 50% Discount On In-App Purchase Games For Android

Google play store, the repositories of millions of android applications has a lot to offer to the android users and the most interesting face is that you can get them on your device at completely free while some of the applications require the users to spend some amount of money. Similarly some of the free apps let the users enjoy all its features without any restrictions while some apps have a premium feature that is users need to pay to unlock the restricted features.

These in-app purchase games are most widely known as freemium apps and Google play is currently offering up to 50% discount on the in-app purchase for these fermium games. There are around 57 games included in this recent deal and all are freemium,  that is you can download them without spending a single buck but to enjoy extra features, you need to pay. This discount is valid only for the in-app purchases and games like Mobile Strike from Epic War, SimCity BuildIt, Pac-Man 256, The Sims FreePlay from EA, Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes  Jurassic World from Ludia Inc. Cookie Jam from SGN falls in the discounted list.

While the casual gamers can get through the free version of games but serious gamers want to get deep through the game and it obviously requires hitting on their account. And this discount is a great help to those serious games who want to completely experience the game somehow but are short on bucks.

Players can actually save a decent amount of money by making use of this 50% discount. But there is no declaration from Google’s side about when there will be an end to this discount, so best thing is to take advantage of this discount as soon as you can.

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