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Google Search Chief Amit Singhal To Quit, To Be Replaced By AI Executive

Long time Google veteran Anit singhal, the chief of Internet search engine will retire the company soon as stated by Google and he will be replaced by AI executive John Giannandrea. Amit Singhal joined Google in 2000 and since then he was leading the development team of Internet search engine. We have seen many improvements during his tenure such as addition of faster web search tools and also augmentation of clever widgets like calculator, weather forecast etc. The last day of Amit Singhal in Google will be February 26.

Singhal announced his retirement in a post in Google+ where he said that when he started working for Google, they could not imagine that in this short period of 15 years a tap on a simple button to ask something to Google to get the answer would be possible. The appointment of Giannandrea might make things even smarter as he too have shown his expertise in artificial intelligence. Rankbrain is one of this AI executive’s efforts that saw Google plug, an AI technology which is a neutral network included in the search engine for boosting the accuracy of the search results. He have also come out with various others efforts such as an email service called as Smart reply that automatically write responses, image recognition and another technology that obtain information based on what users are doing with their devices.

Google acquired a company named Metaweb Technologies in 2010 after which the co-founder of that company Giannandrea joined Google.

The importance of artificial intelligence to Google is proved as vital as they plan to appoint Giannandrea in Singhal’s place. According to the CEO Sundar Pichai, this technology is becoming more important and a key to efforts in search on various areas.

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