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Google To Shutter Picasa To Shift Their Focus On Google Photos

Google has come up with their much interested Google Photos service less than a year back and now they are on the way to take further step to make this app even more interesting. The search engine giant has recently announced that Picasa will be shut down so as to provide more and more concentration towards Google photos only.

Anil Sabharwal, the Google Photos Chief stated in a blog post that, they believe in creating much better experience by focusing only on a specific service that is featured with so many functionalities and run across all the platforms rather than dividing the efforts on two different products.

He also stated that users will find out all their pictures and videos of Picasa online album in the Google Photos app. Even there might be some users who still want to stay back with Picasa, there is good news for them as well as the service will be available for viewing, downloading and deleting photos in Picasa album but unfortunately, you can’t add any more image as the option will be removed. Also, Google will not update the software any longer.

This might be disheartening to many but definitely this is to provide you with better photo experience, according to Anil Sabharwal.

Google Photo is a very organized app that does not require any prior experience or instruction to start with. The app is equipped with the face matching technology which you can turn off if required. Just download the app and go for the installation. The on-screen instruction is enough for successfully installing the app and then capture photos from your camera. All the photos and videos of the device will be available in Google Photos app. So, just launch the app to get all the photos. Finding photos is much faster here.

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