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Google To Start Working On New Messaging App That Employs AI

According to a report by the Wall street journal, the tech giant and biggest internet search company Google have started working on a new messaging app that utilizes Artificial intelligence (AI) for bringing some data smart of the company to a chat bot service in that app. This chat bot service will provide every possible answer to the users asked by them. The new messaging app let the users chat with their friends while they can also ask any questions in the chat bot which will be answered by searching the vast map of Google.

The increasing use of instant messaging services made a competitive market for the instant messaging app and whatsapp is most probably the leading IM app currently developed by Facebook. Another Instant messaging app Messenger from Facebook is in the second lead position. Apart from these, there are many more useful apps such as Vibe, Skype, Line, WeChat etc. from various Chinese, Japanese and South Korean companies. And now Google is planning to expand the list by introducing another useful instant messaging app.

The function of new messaging app from Google is very similar to that of the ‘OK Google’, a voice search function built into the search bot of Google in web and mobile. This function requires the users to say Ok Google for asking any question. For example, ‘OK Google’ what is the song will recognize the song currently playing on, ‘OK Google’ what will be the weather of tomorrow will show the weather forecast and ‘Ok Google’ what’s Samsung or any other companies trading at will represent the share price of the mentioned companies. But the issue is this service is limited to certain subjects and queries and Google aims to expand the service by adding a chat bot in the messaging app.

A report says that Google has approached a startup company 200 labs in November to own them that is specialized in developing chatbots for several subjects, but unfortunately it was rejected by that company. However, Google is said to be working on the project now and hope very soon it will be launched.

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