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Google Wants To Eliminate Password Login

Google’s intention of killing passwords is likely to become true. The company has been testing a method for users to login into their Google accounts using only a smartphone without having to input the password.

Google has begun the testing of password free login for users that enables them to log in to their smartphones. This new feature will help you access your account with a smartphone and will eliminate taking input of a password for login.

The basic idea is that the user will login to their account via PC but for the authentication process, smartphones will be used. This way Google promises a more secure way using two-factor authentication. Android user Rohit Paul, who was given early access to try this, has shared his experience on Reddit.

So now if you want to login to your account via PC, you will enter the username and hitting login will send a notification to your Smartphone. Once the phone is authenticated you will login into your PC without any passwords. If you lose your phone then you can still use the basic password method for login.

This is Google’s attempt to help users access their account securely while it will also eliminate the risk of any kind of phishing attack used by the hackers to access sensitive information (such as password) of users by tricking them with disguised versions designed for login. The two-factor authorisation will also reduce the theft of passwords as now you won’t be required to enter the strings of passwords for login.

In a study released in May 2015, Google revealed that even user’s security questions are not secure for account recovery. Most people don’t remember them and sometimes hackers can guess the answer to questions like, “What’s your favourite food?” (Pizza, of course.)

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