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Google Will Draw An End To Flash Ads In 2017

It seems flash’s days are numbered. The countdown was started long back when the tech giant Apple decided not to support flash on their new set in 2007. Many of the web has thought of following the same suit after Apple and the latest announcement came from another tech giant Google very recently.

Google has announced on 9th February that their two biggest products Adwords and the DoubleClick Digital Marketing will be free from display ads that are built in Flash from June 30th. They have also added that flash ads will be completely removed from Google on January 2, 2017. No doubt Flash has played an important role for developing many major webs then why the technology is being refused by most of the major tech companies?

The reason is it is highly vulnerable targeted and slow down the pages at a big rate.  Also according to many this legacy technology actually does not have any future.

Even Adobe too has taken one step further by renaming its flash creation suite as Animate CC for good reason. Flash exist in the web at a great rate till date as many advertisers is using this tool for display ads. But Google has finally taken a step to kill Flash from its ad platform.

HTML5 is the tool that is going to capture the place of flash. HTML 5 is too faster and this is why Google will instruct its partners for building ads that are based on HTML5. The biggest search engine company already started using HTML5 as the default video player for the YouTube.

So, finally we will be in the stage to get rid of the flash completely if all other major web keeps on following the same suite as Apple and Google.

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