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Google’s Customer Match

Now the advertisers can target the people who have provided their email address on Google for their ad purpose. The new service will allow advertisers to show their advertisement on the base of the content what users are viewing. This service is available for any form of service provided by Google.

Dubbed Customer Match is the company which is promoting this service. This service will work only if the users have provided their email address in Google. The service will let companies upload a list of email addresses they have on record, which can be matched in a private way with the users who have signed in on Google. Using this, the firms can target users with campaigns and ads specifically designed to reach them.

Google has made it clear that the list of email addresses which the companies will be used to match to the IDs on Google. These IDs will not be shared and it will be deleted after 7 days of matching.

Users don’t have to worry about the users experience as these ads can be controlled by the users. Users can use Google Ads settings for opting out of the ads. They can also mute or block the ads by using this setting.

Google has given an example of TrueView ads which will be shown on YouTube and through which companies can target a frequent flyer user who travels and checks for flights regularly.

For example, when any of the reward members will search for any flight to any place on any Google site, the ads can be shown on the top of the search result by the company.

This move can be seen as a way to maintain the revenue from advertisement. The other reason behind this step taken by Google is that mobile devices has a limited facilities and are difficult to be used for advertising purposes.

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