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Google’s Next VR Device Might Ditch The Need Of Smartphone

While most of the major tech companies are making their way into the world of virtual reality, big search engine company Google has planned something else that no other companies could do till date. According to a report, the company is currently working on developing a standalone headset, the first VR goggle that will not require any Smartphone, gaming console or any laptop.

Big tech companies including Facebook, HTC and Sony are trying to bring this promising technology to mass audiences. But all of them require the use of other devices. For example, Facebook’s Oculus that will be available from next month priced at $599 will need a PC while Sony and HTC will need PC and gaming console for their VR devices.

But Google’s VR device will have its own screen, powerful processor based on Movidius chip and an outward facing camera. The company has created a new division for VR where Clay Bavor has been appointed as the vice president.  So, it is very clear that how seriously Google is taking the virtual reality devices.

According to a report, the VR device will be a fully created piece of standalone hardware that is very similar to that of the Google glass. Google glass could be connected with a phone while at the same time it also has its own Wi-fi eliminating the need to be tethered with another device.

As of now there might be many questions arising in your mind such as, will the device run on android, will it be a head mounted display or else could it run all the mobile software of Google? Well, you need to wait for some more days and everything will be clear to you. But it is for sure that you are not going to experience a paper cut at least.

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