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Guide To Pair A Bluetooth Keyboard With The New Apple TV

Apple TV is an advanced media player digitally giving you a way to stream digital data from various sources and receive it equally. The TV comes as a micro console which is developed and sold by Apple Inc. The apple TV needs to be connected to high definition television with a HDMI cable and then connect it to your iPhone or iPad to control it externally by their keypad. But using this function is a pain sometime. To get rid of that, you can connect with a wireless keyboard or a keyboard with Bluetooth facility. By connecting a keyboard it gets easy to type the passwords, key despite of selecting single letters by the Apple Remote that comes with the TV.

Pair Bluetooth devices to Apple TV

There are options which can enhance the level of usage of the Apple TV. For this one needs to use the accessories that come with the Apple TV, that includes Bluetooth headphones, controllers and others. But this feature is available in the fourth generation Apple TV only. You can’t connect Bluetooth devices to the previous versions of the Apple TV. It may be possible that the keyboard that you are having might not be compatible with the Apple TV. So before pairing the two devices together, check the compatibility of both devices. To pair up the Bluetooth keyboard to the Apple TV (4th generation) you need to follow the following steps:

  • The Bluetooth keyboard should be in the pairing mode, following the instructions.
  • Then on the Apple TV, go to the settings menu, select Remote and devices and lastly select Bluetooth. The Apple TV will start searching for the nearby available devices that can be paired.
  • Choose the device you wish to pair to the Apple TV.
  • If asked give the pin or the passkey for pairing up. After getting paired your device will appear in the My devices menu of the TV.

To have a better experience use the devices that supports the Apple TV. The keyboard from Apple will give a better experience especially in controlling media. The keyboard allows you to navigate easily than the remote app on the iPhone or iPad. Getting into the apps and moving out of the apps get easier than earlier, especially the typing part. The Apple TV allows you to use more than one Bluetooth device at a time. You can pair other devices also like the Siri remote or the Apple TV remote, the Bluetooth controllers. It might be possible that all the devices run peacefully together or you need to unpair one to pair the other device. So you need to work accordingly to your needs.

Unpairing the devices

In any case you wish to unpair the device from your Apple TV menu, you just need to go to the settings, then select remotes and devices, then select Bluetooth accessories, then select Forget device for the device you wish to unpair.

Getting help

If you are getting trouble in connecting the Bluetooth device to your Apple TV or the device looses the connection you can follow these steps. But before going to the next step look up first that it really requires or not.

  • If the device loses the connection look up first that it is in the range of the Apple Tv or not and there is no interference in the surrounding area.
  • Check whether the accessory is charged fully or not and is powered on.
  • Check for the updated software’s for both the Bluetooth accessory and the Apple TV.
  • You can move the location of the Apple TV near to the television.
  • Have a look in the settings, then select remote and devices and look for your device. If you can’t connect to it, follow the above steps and unpair it and pair it again.
  • If any of the above steps does not help you connect your device then you need to contact the manufacturer of the accessory.

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