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Hendo 2.0 released

Hendo 2.0 the updated version of hoverboard has been released and it is something to watch out for.

The hoverboard tends to work by using Magnetic field Architecture hover engine technology. This hoverboard is the result of collaboration with Tony Hawk who is said to be the skateboard maestro.

The Co-founder and CEO Greg Henderson of Arx Pax, which is responsible for this updated version, said that his company will be making 11 hoverboards for the initial funding campaigns planned to be organized all around the world.

He also said that the latest version Hendo 2.0 is stronger and more efficient than the previous version. The introduction of the latest version will change the way of transportation of objects and people says Jill Henderson who is also a Co-founder of Arx Pax.

Till now no plan is made for a wider release as the device is only a proof of the concept.

The screenwriter and producer Bob Gale who created the original concept of hoverboard is impressed by the design of Hendo 2.0.

For the founders of Arx Pax, this technology will make a huge difference across different industries like transportation, industrial automation and even in the field of space exploration.

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