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The Highly Anticipated Samsung’s 4K Ultra UD Blu Ray Player Is On Sale Now

Have you thought of owing the most anticipated 4K Ultra HD Blu ray player from Samsung and have been following all the chatter about the device till date?  Then there is a good news for you as you don’t have to wait till March to get the device in hand. If you resides in Southern California or else if you have anyone residing there, just head towards the Santa Monica’s video audio centre and you can easily pick the much awaited 4K ultra HD Blu ray player. This news was revealed on the store’s Facebook page and all the devices were being sold immediately. If you could not have one then unfortunately, you have to wait for another few days as the next batch will take more than 9 days to arrive.

According to the post written by the store in their Facebook page, you are invited to join us and our executives as Santa Monica’s video audio center have introduced the highly anticipated Samsung’s 4K ultra HD video audio Blu ray players to the public. So, be the first to view and purchase the next generation Samsung’s DVD player. Their store is located at the Wilshire and on 15th Street in Santa Monica City.

Not just this store rather you can have a look at the fry’s electronics store as this store too is rumored to have the preorder stock of the 4k ultra HD blu ray players and disc. This store is outside of Southern California.

There might be some other major retails who have already managed to have a preorder stock and shipping times for both the players and 4k ultra HD blu ray discs. So the hunt is on and let’s see if you can own one before the said date on March.

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