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How to Restore Specific Deleted Files Using Time Machine in Mac

Deleted files are hard to recover, but not anymore. With the Time Machine in Mac, you can get your important files back again anytime you need them. The Time Machine is a Mac tool that is designed not just for the purpose of backing up the data and file, but also for the recovery of deleted files. The average consumer of Macs will find this tool very useful as it automatically backs up files. It can actually back up files of up to 2GB.

Files are sometimes deleted unintentionally, and it may be an important file for your projects, work, and business. If you need to restore the files in your Mac, this is the tool  that is best to use. You can simply go back to restore the data as backed up in this tool. It is simple to set up and use in any Mac. Here is a simple step to follow:

1. Open the Time Machine Tool in your menu.

2. Simply click the back up file or folder you want to restore.

3. After a few minutes, you will have your files back in your documents.

Additional Feature -Another option to maximize the benefits of this tool is to choose whether you want an automatic back up of once in every hour, day, or week, or choose the manual back up at anytime you want to.

In case you are replacing an old Mac with the new one, or an old drive with one that is much bigger, the Time Machine tool is still a reliable tool if you want your files and data to be used again.

The Time Machine tool is a great tool, although it is not really the best one when it comes to restoring and backing up of data, yet it allows simple operation especially if you are using Mac books and laptops.

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