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How To Shuffle All Songs or Genre in Apple Music

Using the Apple Music will be a lot better if the songs are arranged according to genre or album. A messed out music playlist will always seem annoying, especially if there is no option for shuffling or the button is hidden. When you start the music, it will just play the song in alphabetical order and not in the order you want it to.

If you know where the shuffle button is hidden, this will never be a problem to you anymore. Here is a simple guide that you may want to follow to make your music playlist shuffling and playing much more enjoyable:

How to shuffle all songs

  1. First thing to do is to tap the tab ‘My Music’ and click the ‘Library.’
  2. Below the ‘Recently Added Belt’, click the ‘Song’ to view the playlist.
  3. Let a song begin to play by tapping it.
  4. When it does, the mini-player will expand and you will see the shuffle option just beneath the player.
  5. Shuffle it and you will enjoy your playlist of all song shuffled perfectly.

How to shuffle according to genre, or artist

  1. Again, from the tab ‘My Music’ click the Library and choose the ‘Genre’ or the ‘Artist’ you want to shuffle.
  2. When you choose any genre, the playlist will not give you the list of songs, but the list of albums instead. Choose the album you want to play.
  3. Tap the ‘Thumbnail’ and not the name of the genre.
  4. The song will play and you will find the shuffle button beneath the mini-player.
  5. You will now be able to play an album and shuffle the songs, instead of shuffling all the albums and play the songs.

Another easy way to shuffle your songs in the playlist is through the app Siri. You do not have to look for the shuffle button because, with just a simple command to Siri, it will automatically shuffle the songs in an album you want to listen to in you Apple Music.

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