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How-To: Streaming and Playing of Xbox Games via Windows 10 PCs and Tablets

The release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, the Windows 10, has ramped up the interests of so many people. More than just an amazing tool for everyday or office use, the giant computer software company is bringing a new feature to the party. Kids and young teens will soon be as interested in Microsoft as its traditional horde of fans. For the first time, Xbox games can now be streamed and played using Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Requirements and Connection

In order to stream and play the Xbox games, one has to have a PC or tablet with the latest Microsoft OS, the latest Xbox app, and an Xbox One. Obviously, there has to be a connection between the devices to allow the streaming and the gaming to succeed. Tweaking the settings of the Windows 10-run PC or tablet and the Xbox One would do the trick. The first part is to set up the Xbox One. Here are the steps:

  1. Select Settings and then Go to Preferences
  2. Choose Allow Streaming

The second part is to set up the Windows 10 PC or tablet.  Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure the Xbox One is connected to the Windows 10 PC or tablet.
  2. Using the PC or tablet, start the Xbox app.
  3. Look for the Menu on the left side of the app then hit Connect.
  4. Select Add a Device. Xbox will scan all accessible consoles.
  5. Choose Xbox One Console
  6. Choose Home and then look for an Xbox game by clicking Recently Played.
  7. Choose Play from Console.
  8. Start streaming Xbox One games via the Windows 10 PC or tablet.

As evidenced by the steps, getting access to the Xbox games through the Windows 10 PC or tab is quite easy. There is even better news once a gamer gets inside the Xbox app as he can virtually manipulate the entire Xbox One control panel to use other apps. Microsoft has indeed hit the soft spot of another range of users with this new feature.

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