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Huawei To Bring The Honor Brand In US

Huawei labs have brought a lot of devices to the markets this year. Many of the devices boast of commendable features. The coalition with Google which resulted in the Nexus 6P is another achievement for the Chinese phone manufacturer. The company’s Honor brand is described as the brand that is not afraid to do things differently. It is being stipulated that Huawei will come to the North American market under the Honor brand.

So why use the Honor brand?

One of the possible reasons why Huawei has chosen to use the Honor brand to set foot in America is because of the rumors of security concerns associated with the company’s smartphones.  These rumors arise from the fact that the founder of the company, Ren Zhengfei, served as an engineer in the People’s Liberation Army during the 1980s.

Huawei has claimed that security concerns raised by America are unfounded and unproven. There is a possibility that the Honor Brand is a way to reach out to the extensive North American market which remains widely unexplored by Huawei.

When do Honor smartphones start selling in North America?

The CEO of Honor, George Zhao, hinted that an announcement about Honor’s release in North American markets will be made during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. There is no information on the exact date when the sales will begin. We can expect more information on the company’s debut in North American markets during the CES which will take place in January next year.

While Huawei has pierced the US market with the Nexus 6P built for Google, it is yet to bring devices under its own brand to the American Smartphone market. The Honor 6 and Honor 7 which are global models will be the first models to be offered but we are yet to get detailed information on the models that will be made available. In a month’s time we will have more information on Huwaei’s endeavours to explore the American markets.

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