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Instagram Adds Support For Multiple Account Switching In iOS

Good news for Instagram users as the site has officially announced that they have started rolling out the feature which supports switching between multiple accounts in iOS. Also it does not require the users to log out and log in again in order to do that. This is a much requested feature by the android and iOS users and Instagram the Facebook owned photo and video sharing app have started long back the testing for this feature with some android users and now it is being acknowledged by them that this switching between multiple accounts feature arrived to the iOS users as well.

Here is how to enable the multiple account switching features in instagram for iOS:

In order to have access to the feature you should have the latest version of instagram for iOS that is 7.15. Now go to the profile tab and tap on the settings option. There you look for an option ‘add account’ at the bottom. If this option exists in your instagram, then you have received the feature. But if the ‘add account’ option is not present in your iOS, you should wait for some more time as Instagram is still rolling out the feature so there might be many like you who did not receive the support yet.

Now tap on the ‘add account’ option and enter the username and password for the account that is to be added.

Process to switch between accounts:

Switching between accounts is as easy as that. It involves just two steps and that’s it. Tap on the profile tab and then on the profile name situated at the top. Next just click on the account you want to switch and you can easily have access to the other account without the need of logging out from the one you were using.

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