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Instagram includes Two Factor Authentication To Battle Hackers

Finally the popular image sharing social networking platform started rolling out their two factor authentication to provide its users more security. Instagram is being used by more than 400 users and it became an overdue feature of this platform. Instagram’s parent company Facebook introduced the two factor authentication long 4 years back and now Instagram is in the process of testing it.  Instagram first ignored the need of two factor authentication that has put the users at risk while some faced massive financial losses due to the hackers.

The two factor authentication process introduced by Instagram require the users to verify a phone number after which if any one try logging into your account using the email and password, a code will be sent to your number which will be required to put in order to gain access to your email account. That is, knowing just the email and password is not enough to have an insight of your account rather the hackers need to know something more to steal or hack the account.

Previously the social networking platform was also spotted with a test where they offered two factors reset codes while setting up the feature. This can be either saved or screenshotted so that in case the phone or phone number being authorized is lost, you can still have access to the account.

The situation is really pathetic if your account is attacked by the hackers. They will have access to all your sensitive information, will delete the photos and users need to go through a tough process to recover the account back.

This extra security was not highly needed when Instagram was a start up but now it is grown into a big platform that have all kind of users starting from brands, celebrities, artists and more. So two factor authentication was much needed feature and thankfully the company is now rolling out the feature. Instagram will also make sure that the feature is simple and bug free. So, once the testing process is completely done, all its users will receive the two factor authentication definitely.

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