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Intel seeking to become post PC Company

In the past decade alone, the increasing popularity of smartphones and wireless devices has eroded the sales of computers and laptops substantially. Due to this increasing shift from computers to smartphones, Intel has made it clear that the company is not entirely dependent upon the PC market. In a recent event, Intel showcased some of the unique drones, skateboards and shoes that it is developing as part of its strategy to reflect the changing tastes of the consumers.

Most of the revenue in Intel comes from manufacturing different kinds of PC chips and processors, but recently the company has made strides into other areas of technology. Intel recently announced its entrance in the data center market with the huge acquisition of Altera.

Intel has been shifting its focus from being merely a chip manufacturing company to other areas of the technology. The acquisition of Altera clearly points to the Intel’s intention of developing interactive and smarter home products. Intel also acquired a drone company recently and reports suggest would be developing smarter drones for commercial as well public use.

Current reports suggest that despite being the largest producer of the computer chips nearly 50% of the company’s revenue come from data centers. Intel is allegedly working on developing smart chips that can be used with different home devices to create a more interactive and immersive experience for the users.

During the CES show in Las Vegas, the shift in the company’s profile was very evident, where all of their new products were mainly concerned with interactive and highly programmable chips that can be used with devices such as drones, smartphones, and other electronics. Intel is on the right track in diversifying itself so it does not get left behind.

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