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Intel Skylake Processors Launched at Ifa Tech Show

The latest range of processor has been launched recently and called as the Intel Skylake processor. This Intel chip is the newest generation, the sixth generation, to be exact in Intel Core family. With its latest designs, this chip features a powerful graphic design, quality-improved processor, and a longer battery life. With a processor that can handle up to 4K video in its 2.5x faster performance, 3x longer battery life, and 30x higher quality graphics, this is the chip you would want to have in your computers and laptops. But not only that, because the latest chip is designed with the slimmest and thinnest size ever, it can be used in the tablets and smartphones as well. Imagine how fast this processor can be.

According to Intel, the use of this Skylake Y-series and U-series will also require lesser power, giving you less electricity consumption because of its small and thin size. Your PC and laptop will not need much of the fan.

Another breakthrough associated in this latest design is its compatibility with the latest Windows 10 OS. It seems like they are made for each other because this sixth generation of Intel chip is made and optimized to run efficiently and more accurately on the Windows 10. And now that this processor is made fancier as the next-generation technology, Intel promises of an easier and user-friendly operating system that you can used without even moving your hands. Intel also features wireless access using a built-in Intel RealSense camera, you can login to your computers by simply giving your camera a glance. If you want to use voice command, this processor is also designed for such features. There are more things that are yet to find out as Intel continues to provide information regarding this new processor.

On the coming months, now that the 6th Generation is launched, everyone can expect that Intel is about to release different varieties of this chip processor in the market.

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