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Introduction of Developer Channel for Internet Explorer

Jason Weber, the Manager of Internet Explorer, announced the launch of the Internet Explorer Developer Channel. This is a fully functional Microsoft’s browser that will provide information to Web developers and users who are new to IE about the features that Microsoft is currently working on.

The existing users who are using IE 11 can download this version of developer channel. This version is available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 for now. This will not affect the working of IE 11 and the beta browser will run alongside in an independent manner from IE 11. This will be done in order to make sure that the new feature doesn’t interfere with the channel’s performance. For having better knowledge about proper working, Microsoft has asked its users to give feedback about Developer channel through @IEDevChat or Connect.

It is believed that the Dev channel will provide support to the emerging Gamepad which is API standard. This will allow developers to add gamepad support to the Web apps and to those games which are using Javascript. This will allow the users to play games like Escape from XP by simply plugging in their Xbox 360.

This Developer Channel also comprises of the emerging WebDriver.

This Developer channel has been supported with some improvements in the F12 developer tools. These developments include improved debugging with breakpoints, high analysis capabilities, and an improved navigation experience which comprises of increased keyboard shortcuts.

The users can visit the DevChannel.Modern.IE page to learn more about the latest development included in the IE Developer Channel. The user can find all the new features which are added and supported in IE developer channel in a list shown on Status.Modern.IE. This is the new portal used by Microsoft to communicate to the users about the new features being introduced.

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