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iPAD Pro Planned for Sept. 9 Debut with iPad Mini4

The Apple Company is setting up the biggest event in the history. On September 9, Apple is selling off not just a set of iPhones, Apple TV box, and Apple watch band, but also the two new Apple products, the iPad Pro and iPad Mini4.

The said iPad Pro is about to be launched in the market by the month of October and to be released to almost all of the retail outlets on November, according to reliable sources. This said big event is set up to happen at the Bill Graham auditorium, which can accommodate up to 7,000 guests. The massive venue may give a hint that the event is such a big one and you can expect that Apple is about to give a big announcement of new products to release.

According to sources, the products to be introduced this time is very much different from what Apple released last year. It has been pre-assumed by many expectant audiences that the iPad Pro is one of those, and alongside this high end device will also come out the newly revised iPad mini4. The new iPad mini is designed with great new features on a thinner and lighter components. Built with the A-series chip processor with the latest iOS 9, Apple made it compatible for split-view capability and a much better camera.

Although many speculated that a third version of the iPad Air is also going to be introduced on the coming event, it has been confirmed that this new version will be released next year.

There are actually more to expect from Apple, and some of those may be introduced on this coming event. No wonder why the Apple company opt this much awaited event to be held on such a massive venue. If you are an Apple user, mark your calendar now and see what Apple has in store for you.

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