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iPhone 6S Helpful Tips And Tricks

Apple always adds some new features and functionality in its every new set but sometimes they are hidden and not so obvious to be known by all. If you have own a new iPhone 6S recently and want to uncover the new features, read on the article that will explain some helpful iPhone 6S tips and tricks.

Skip to app actions directly

It is always preferred to have access to the required function of an app directly rather than opening the app and then looking for the function to open. This is possible in iPhone 6S where a hard press on the app icon will bring a tiny menu of the functions so that you are not required to open that app from the home screen. For example, a hard press on the camera app brings the options take Selfie, take Photo , record video, record slo-mo etc.  However, iPhone 6S allow this feature only for some apps and most of them are from Apple only. But other developers are too working to incorporate this 3D touch function into their design.

Switch to another app quickly

iPhone let the users start multitasking menu just by pressing the Home button twice. But 3D touch brought another useful way to have access to the recent app quickly. Press on the left side of the screen and then swipe right to see the last app. Switch to it directly. Also a hard press will launch the multitasking menu while all the other apps are opened.

Use Peek and Pop

Peek and Pop is the heart of 3D touch so you must learn to use this functionality at its best. A hard press on the web link or Gmail will bring a peek at the content. Now swipe your finger up and it will present a list of options like Open Link, Copy with a website link or Add to Reading List. If you want to continue, again press hard and it will pop in.

Save battery life

Apple has introduced a new feature called ‘Low power mode’ in iOS 9 that attempt to save battery to a great extent by adjusting the animations, background syncing and the Hey Siri function. Go to setting and battery to turn this option on.

Turn the keyboard into track pad

Why to type in the keyboard while just a simple press on the keyboard with the 3D touch will turn it into trackpad. This trackpad allow the users to drag the cursor to the exact place you want. Again a hard press will enable you to highlight a text which can then be copied, cut and pasted as needed.

Tweak the 3D touch sensitivity

iPhone 6S allow you adjust the 3D touch sensitivity in case you are having issue with that. Head towards Settings> general > accessibility > 3D Touch and then test the available options with the example image.

How to turn off Wi-Fi assist

Wi-Fi assist is a useful feature in iPhone 6s that attempt to boost the poor Wi-Fi signal by utilizing the cellular data. It is no doubt a helpful feature but unfortunately you will be at risk in case your cellular data is limited. This feature remains on by default but you can always turn it off by going to Settings> mobile data> Wi-Fi assist and toggle the switch to turn it off.

Use Siri hands free

iPhone 6s made it possible to use Siri hands free where the users can launch Siri by saying Hey Siri at the locked screen even when the screen is off. This is to be set while you first time set up the new iPhone. Also this can be set by going to Settings> general and Siri to turn the option on.

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