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An iPhone App To Tell You If You Are Pregnant

First Response, the popular maker of pregnancy test unveiled their recent app to help you know if you are pregnant or not which require you to urinate on a stick. The company showcased their Bluetooth enabled Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test at the CES this year. The device looks very much like a thermometer containing a tiny screen and it is synced with a Smartphone app through Bluetooth.

In order to perform a pregnancy test using this device, users are first required to download and install the First Response Pregnancy Pro app in their iOS device and once the device is opened, it indicates to pair with the Smartphone. The app starts with asking few questions such as if you are energetically trying to get pregnant or not, the first date of your last menstrual cycle etc. and help you gaining a pleasant experience by offering some source of useful information.

To start with, you have to urinate on the stick and the app indicates once it successfully collects the sample. As usual users are required to wait for 3 minutes which is the most stressful situation. However, First Response included some good content to release the stress. It provides three options such as ‘calm me’, ‘entertain me’ and ‘Educate me’.  A click on ‘calm me’ will bring various helpful meditation and exercise tips while ‘entertain me’ option presents some funny videos to help you stay out of stress.

When the test is completed, the app asks to provide a secure code that will be shown in the stick to deliver the result. If the result is positive, the app will guide you through various informations in the pregnancy term along with showing the estimated delivery date. Also it keeps on reminding you about the appointment and suggests the types of question that you should enquire with the doctor.

This device will cost you around $15-$20. But this is a one-time use device so in case the result is not positive and you are trying hard to get pregnant, one more device is to be bought. However this product is not expensive so you can easily have one to test pregnancy. There are many other devices available that are cheaper than it but if you are eager to enjoy the extra features, paying some extra penny will be worth for owning it.

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