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How To Keep Your Apple Watch Display On Longer

The default screen display time of the Apple Watch was 15 seconds in WatchOS 1.0.1. Some of the users of Apple Watch were not happy with it. In 15 seconds, the watch shuts off its display and you cannot extend the time period at all. You could tap the watch again within 15 seconds to extend the display time, but it is a frustrating thing to do as you might be doing some important work and couldn’t keep track of it.

You might be using stopwatch to measure that last lap and your display shuts off, or may be you are reading a lengthy article and you have to keep on tapping your screen to keep the display on for a longer period. With the earlier version of WatchOS, the user couldn’t change this setting at all, so a lot of users had to compromise on their usage experience with the watch and were not content with it at all.

Now with the WatchOS 2, Apple has atlast given the option to extend the time period, it means that you can keep the display of the watch on for a longer time period. But the thing is that Apple hasn’t advertised this feature with the new OS, hence most of the users are totally unaware about it. Even after upgrading the watch, you cannot find this feature easily.

You can of course dig into the Apple Watch to find out this feature as it wasn’t mentioned in the features of the new WatchOS but let’s save you some time and trouble. Perform the following steps below to keep your Apple Watch Display on longer i.e. more than 15 seconds.

Please note that to perform the following steps, you first need to upgrade your WatchOS from WatchOS 1.0.1 to WatchOS 2. If you haven’t upgraded to the new OS, then you won’t able to find the below mentioned options in your watch. So it’s better to upgrade the OS of the watch to make your on screen duration a little longer.

  1. Pair your iPhone to the Apple Watch for this feature to work.
  2. Open the Watch App on your paired iPhone and locate My Watch settings
  3. Inside My Watch, go to General
  4. Tap Wake Screen option inside General settings
  5. Click on the On Tap section of Wake Screen settings
  6. Here you will see two options
  7. Wake for 15 seconds
  8. Wake for 70 seconds
  9. You can choose Wake for 70 seconds option if you want to keep on the display time longer. If you are satisfied with shorter time, then you can use the already default option of 15 seconds.
  10. Exit

Now you see the change yourself. Your Apple Watch will stay on a little longer than before. Currently some users also complained that while using this option, battery drainage may be little faster than using the 15 seconds option. Well, that true, it may have a mild effect on the battery but with longer display, some functions can be easily done. But if are not into the battery drainage idea, then it is also suggested that you can use the long duration display feature when the Apple Watch is connected to a power charger, in both the cases, i.e. using as a nightstand clock or for other purposes.

Hopefully in future versions of the OS, Apple may give out some other options for longer display time, for e.g. 30 seconds or 45 seconds that may be appropriate for most of the users.

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