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Lenovo, Google Partner For Project Tango Smartphone

Lenovo and Google announced at CES this year about their partnership to develop a Tango consumer Smartphone packed with sensor technology. This Smartphone will change the way people look around the virtual world. The Smartphone that is a part of the Google’s Tango Project will sense and provide information on motion, gestures, objects and location in virtual as well as real world but it does not have any name yet.

According to Johnny Lee, the lead of project Tango, their aim is to provide a Smartphone with high ability tools that can sense the space and movement at human scale. He also explained that how this device will be beneficial for the individual and what type of job this device actually could do for them.

As users will switch on the device, it will offer wealth of information on user’s location and object. Also this technology is capable enough to recognize the rooms in home, office or in any other places. The sensor in the project could sense your movement as well and overlay information on screen as the users move forward, backward, go up, down, left or right.  Similarly Tango Smartphone could measure the distance also. When it comes to measure the size and shape of a furniture, this Smartphone can perfectly do that job as well.

For example, users can figure out if there is enough space in the room to fit a new piece of furniture which can save your time and money both from preventing you buying the wrong furniture.

Google is offering software development kit to this Tango project whereas Qualcomm too working closely with Lenovo to help users gaining an exciting technology. In order to capture the location information and visual details, high quality hardware is required and Qualcomm is ready to provide the chip for camera and Smartphone in this purpose.

Lenovo is inviting the developers to join this Tango project evolutionary process where the developers can submit their apps till February 15th 2016. The winners will be funded while their app will also be showcased in the upcoming Tango consumer Smartphone.

This Tango Consumer Smartphone will have a 6.5 inch screen that will be made available by this summer. It is priced at $500 which is comparatively cheaper if you take into account another Tango device-Tango Tablet from Google that is priced at $512 based on Nvidia’s K1 processor.

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