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LG’s Security Bug Fixed!

The South Korean firm LG recently encountered a serious security loophole in its latest release LG G3.The flaw allowed hackers to extract sensitive information and plant malicious software on users’ phones without their permission. This bug was present in Smartphone’s custom designed app, Smart Notice.

Smart Notice is an app that is preinstalled on the new LG G3 devices which provides a variety of suggestions and notifications such as birthday reminders and recommendations to save recent callers as contacts. Such fresh features may seem enticing, but because of the loophole in LG’s security, operating system was unable to verify data presented to users.  Approximately around 10 million G3 holders were vulnerable to data theft and manipulation.

The bug enabled hackers to run an arbitrary JavaScript code on the devices through Smart Notice, which can easily result in authentic phishing attacks and a full denial of service (DOS). As the result of this, hackers can easily extract personal information from SD cards and install malicious programs on the device. Users will eventually be vulnerable to phishing attacks as well. Researchers from LG exploited the bug themselves with hidden payloads and found out that they could easily control the entire device and send new payloads.

This proves how easy hackers can get hold of one’s personal information from the SD card, establish a connection to any remote site and even perform a DOS attack that could send the phone into total chaos.

As LG got word of this security lapse from other security firms, they immediately released an upgrade of Smart Notice, which included a patch to fix the bug. Users of the new LG G3 devices are advised to download the new patch as soon as possible to prevent any security infiltration which could potentially lead to a greater mess.

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